Enjoy family safari adventure – The ideal family holidays take into account everybody’s hobbies and interests – whether you’re an outdoorsy sort of family who would love to get a personal, tented camp built just for you in a wildlife rich area, or whether you’d really like to just fly camp for only a night beneath the stars. There are tree houses you can sleep in for a night.

It offers something for everyone. Whether you’ve got young kids (and there are always malaria free areas, like in South Africa), or even older kids, then it only ticks every box. I’m lucky enough to take my family and they’ve been happy to be my guinea pigs! A safari is a fun filled vacation if a child or sailing around an island in the end or a teen and perfection ends up on the shore and offers everything.

I haven’t seen laughter. And this to me is important. Our children have and I do believe that in a sensitive and gentle manner, we educate them and should introduce them. My children learned how to make bows and arrows, which trees were good to use for this and to shoot at them. They learned how to make fires they visited a school and spent a lesson with children, which illuminated for everyone!

This is relevant, and very much here and now. You may want to go on a safari led by Samburu warriors and assisted with camels. Learn along the way. Or staying at a beautiful Robinson Crusoe lodge on its own island? Going out with the fishermen in their dhows and learning how.

It may be sailing on a catamaran in Madagascar which is fun, and fishing and snorkeling and diving randomly. If a luxury family safari is your style it is possible to stay throughout luxury lodges and camps or Africa. Charter from place to place. The guide which does allow one complete flexibility and freedom and the best thing would be to get your own car and it means that you can bond as a family, without the necessity of creating small talk.

The best family safari is one where everybody has got something. You return united happy and sated.