Why small family benefits us ? – ‘Population explosion’ connotes many negativities such as penury, malnutrition, epidemics, illiteracy, environmental contamination, indebtedness, etc. How the world and a country fare depends on the families that contain its states. That the idea of a family must get ground.

This family’s size isn’t the parameter. Happiness is all about stability, security, and well-being. Well-fed children who get parental affection and love as quality schooling are guaranteed by A family. Parents have to face problems in disciplining and managing a family. It is similar to an overcrowded classroom where there is a bit educated and known. In a household, parents have the ability to inspire the kids and they have a chance.

It’s a frequent observation today the middle class has perceived the benefits of a family that the idea of a family is dying out in the cities. Find there is a family a family not just duet to economic reasons but because it suits their life. We have the ‘tailor-made’ families that get with the modern life’s hustle and bustle. With government officers’ amount increasing in the towns, a family can be called a ‘family’. It applies more to military personnel in addition to those that are transferable like railroad employees on operational responsibilities, etc.

The use of women is vital. The family culture and women’s role give little chance to limit children’s amount to a minimum. Educating and empowering women is crucial for a family that is happy. The UN announced 1994 as Family’s International Day, to assist the authorities to look. Everyone must go. From a family’s four walls, the air of happiness and prosperity will brighten the world and the country.