Many families have developed many family traditions around the holidays, especially during the Christmas season. Even though the entire world starts to celebrate Christmas right after Halloween, many families start to feel Christmas right after Thanksgiving.

The Christmas Tree

For many years it had been an annual celebration to look for a Christmas tree. Although, long before when trees are abundant, we tend to cut down a tree just for the occasion. Today, it’s no longer the case. Clearly, that’s a family tradition lost. Christmas trees will have to come from the store. So needless to say, that’s one family tradition that has changed for many families. Those times no longer applicable. We now use a fake tree to replace real trees. But still, the Christmas spirit is still there for many families to enjoy.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Just before our kids had been born, we used to make our own Christmas tree ornaments. Ceramic items of numerous types and the names of each family member on them. Today, we no longer make our own Christmas decorations. We buy them from stores too. Ready-made and customizable. Christmas lights set up are done by professionals too like those from NJ Christmas decorators. While it is less of the hard work and they say it is for convenience, the sentiment is lost.

But then again, the Christmas spirit is still there looking at wonderfully created Christmas ornaments by a manufacturer somewhere in China. Lucky are those families who still have those handmade ornaments that serve as a reminder of what Christmas had been decades ago.

Kids often help spruce up the tree and they are prompted to include their very own handcrafted decorations. But these days, children simply don’t care. They are quite content with what they call a tablet or a mobile, their eyes glued with fascination to whatever it is they are watching from the internet. It would have been nice to encourage children to help with decorating the tree even if it is not the prettiest of them all. Christmas trees are special and it should be as special as it was to children today. But I guess that’s no longer the case.

Changes Over The Years

Many family traditions have changed over the years. And I for one, at the age of 70 can see the difference of what Christmas had been as a child and what Christmas is now for my grandchildren. It would have been nice if my children kept the family tradition so that their children too will have the same Christmas spirit, the real essence of Christmas.