You know when you are ready for a family when you start considering weddings to tie the knot and make it official. Every individual, particularly women, had dreamt of having a perfect wedding once they found the right person for them.  There are those who would want it extravagant and magical, others would plan it average but unique, and some liked it simple but romantic. No matter how you may want your wedding would be, its success relies on how well you prepared for it. 

There are numerous factors you have to consider to achieve your ideal union ceremonies such as your budget, venue, guest list, the date, the entourage, your gown, your makeup, and your hairstylist (if you have thinning hair, consider trx2 for a better hair growth before your wedding day). Imagine all the stress that you would have to go through before your wedding day. Of course, you would need all the help you can get to achieve everything you wanted.

Hiring a wedding planner is advisable also optional.

Having a list of your desired firm who would be providing you the things needed, such as flowers, gowns, suits, catering service and more is recommended.

Let us not forget the fact that, any time in the future you would want to go back and reminisce the day you were married by looking at your wedding videos and photos. Surely, you would want it taken perfectly and creatively. Hence, you have to choose the best partner who could give you a superb service to give more than what you have expected. For example, if you dream of having your wedding along the beach or near the lake, a gold coast photographer is what you need to get the perfect shot. 

Have you ever wondered how politicians prepare for their wedding? Do they do same preparation a normal person would do? Well, of course, they do, they are still humans despite their status in life. However, the pressure is different because they are well known and people would like to watch a one-time event of their life.

Politicians preparing for family life

Politicians hire wedding planner to help them in making arrangements, contacting the best companies that could provide their service, and in making sure that it is going to be “the wedding of the year” because budget is not an issue for them and with the hectic schedule they have, it is impossible for them to handle it all by themselves.

A good illustration for this is an Indian politician wedding. We all know that Indian politicians are financially well-off; because of this, they are able to spend millions of dollars in planning their wedding of their children’s wedding just like Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son’s wedding.

Although the amount of money used was not exactly given as a detail, it is known to be one of the most luxurious weddings. It was said to be lavish because of the indications are given such as having 7,000 guests, using 50 horses and elephants as part of the celebration, hiring more than a hundred of cooks to prepare the food and reserving 85 rooms in fancy hotels for the guests.