Even though it’s been a good decade since I had a college photograph taken, I’ll still never forget my senior class portraits.

For many every American, they’re a rite of passage of sorts, earning the coveted place on the mantle and also moving down in history as the previous image of your youth, before you trotted off into school, the planet, or even just a bit of both.

Like most 17-year-old girl, I was excited about mine, picked out a few wardrobe changes and practiced my own make-up plan for a week before the big day.

But when I got those proofs back? I cried.

And not, not since they were so terrible (they were good) rather than because I thought I looked bad (I really didn’t) but because in my mind, I saw something and one thing only: a forehead wrinkle. From that date on until a year ago, I have seen that damn wrinkle in every last photo. I’ve ever taken. And while my very best friends and my loved ones swore up and down and back they didn’t detect it, to me, it had been the forefront of both selfies and team shots, even which makes me super bloated and self-conscious.

When my mom switched careers at age 52, trading her accounting skill set to develop into the esthetician, I found myself asking her how I could force myself to look younger, even though I was only 28. She raised an eyebrow to me personally (as mothers do) and I climbed one back, pointing at my brow wrinkle and confessing my decade-long hatred because of it. I figured she’d say some words of wisdom to assure me I was beautiful no matter what, however also to my surprise, she gave me a piece of advice, “Well if you don’t enjoy something, fix it”

And therefore start my quest into injectables.



Botox Can Be Preventive

While, in all honesty, I was super hesitant about beginning Botox or Xeomin treatments (like Botox service in New Jersey) before I struck my fourth decade, my mother explained that acquiring small injections at an old age could prevent me from needing much more as I age. Because injections help to gradually paralyze the muscle that creates the wrinkle, consistent remedies over time mean you need less and less produce exactly the same result. My hope with beginning my regular at age 28 is that by the time I’m 39, I won’t need to move as frequently or have to take extreme steps to maintain youth.

It’s An Odd Experience

The first time my mother took me to”her guy” (aka her dermatologist), I begged him to make me look like I belonged to the pages of a celeb magazine. I had been anxious about getting too much of this treatment and that I’d get rid of all saying in my head. He reassured me that he would not use much because of my age, I didn’t want it, and that I’d see consequences near-immediately. He had been perfect. In a few hours of the first shot, my mind started to feel sexier and by the following day, I noticed the look of the lineup diminish. Two weeks after, it had been in full effect and a pesky line I constantly noticed in photographs was all-but gone. [Note that the manufacturers of Botox state most consumers may expect to see initial results in 72 hours.]

Injections wear off every three months, with most derms recommending that you return once a season to get a touch-up. I have kept to this program and as a consequence of that, I have not had to have over the first amount that I obtained, nine units, to be precise. (To put that in perspective, my mother at age 56, has nearly 20.) Following your treatment, you can not lie or workout for four weeks, just in case the injection miracles to some other region of your face, in which it’s not needed. And if the stiffness is uncomfortable for a good week, once it eases, you barely notice it is there.

It’s More Fun at Numbers

Though it’s not a painful experience, it can be more fun to create a beautiful day out of their adventure, catching a glass of vino post-shot since you can’t take a rest or strike up a yoga course. Recently when my mother visited me in New York, we stopped by to a doctor’s workplace for Xeomin shots,” which can be comparable to Botox, however, includes one less protein, making it a more subtle modification which takes a tad longer to kick in, but still produces the identical result. Following our treatment, we went searching and popped some bubbly, as my mother gushed over my “New York” life.