In Korea, family life is one of a kind. Family tradition can differ by household and also by location, but Korean tradition is essentially based upon Confucianism. Families in Korea give great respect to their elder. There’s also a special bond between grandchildren and grandparents. Family members in Korea support each other as what it is with the families of former comfort women going through the struggles of day to day living. Read more about the comfort women as part of the WWII history,

The household tradition of Korea has its own resemblances to other families influenced by Confucian however has redirected from its conventional origins over the span of fast developments.

Characteristics of Family Relations in Korea

  • Generally, a unified family in Korea is equally as essential as each of the family member’s joy.
  • Chain of command is essential inside the household. Kids ought to be educated to value their very own elders and also to show their own thoughts within a courteous manner.
  • Parent-child associations are unique. Korean parents put great focus on delivering tender loving care for their little ones.
  • Occasionally, they are able to spoil their kids resulting them to be too reliant.
  • Aged parents are taken cared for by adult children, although this tradition is weakening due to the changing societal norms, there are still families in the rural areas that follow this tradition

The relationship between husband and wife

  • The relationship between husband and wife is essential. However, the bond between children and parents also plays an important role in a family.
  • Traditionally, the woman takes responsibility of caring for the children as well as other home chores. As our society has changed in many years, men are slowly involved in many household duties which include caring for children.
  • Traditionally, Korean men don’t express affection to their wives. This show of affection is always done in private and is carried on to this generation.

So as to have a contented marital life in Korea, you will need to conquer ethnical distinctions. It could be hard to adjust to the lifestyle and tradition in Korea much more if you came from a totally different culture. In case you are going through issues with your partner, keep in mind that you have to understand their culture, learn their traditions, communicate, seek help, or talk to a professional counsel.